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Our SMAART Program is made possible through the Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program (CREATE) funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

The Program is dedicated to the training of scientists and engineers who work at the interface of optics and the following application sectors: environment, nutrition and health. It offers students and interns a unique, rich and multidisciplinary training experience.

As a satellite partner of the Sentinel Program, SMAART focusses on the engineering of new innovative optical tools that tackle technology implementation in extreme environments with smart, autonomous and adaptive designs.

Program Objectives:

The general objective of the program is to provide talented students and interns a transdisciplinary training experience in applied optics that will pave the way to the development of new measurement tools and their deployment in the field.

In joining our SMAART Program, students and interns will:

Understand and evaluate constraints posed by a specific problem in application sectors such as the environment, nutrition and health;

Innovate using smart, autonomous and/or adaptive strategies and tools;

Develop rugged devices through sound engineering practices;

Deploy these tools in the field for successful data acquisition;

Acquire transdisciplinary knowledge at the interface of optics and an application sector such as the environment, nutrition and health.

In addition, the SMAART Program encourages:

Student mobility. The challenges of the far North being all-encompassing, diverse and planetary, their study implies international collaboration.

Collaboration between industry and university. Industry involvement is necessary in order to facilitate and accelerate the deployment of devices.

Enhanced employability in industry

Work experience in Arctic regions enriches the professional background of students and consequently enhances their employability in industry. Acquisition and improvement of complementary professional skills We offer a dynamic training environment by varying training methods and approaches.

Program management and continuity

The SMAART Program is managed by Université Laval




The members of the Management Committee identified below provide feedback and advice regarding program conduct, any major changes to the program as well as the establishment of performance indicators for its evaluation.

Committee members encourage researchers to think innovatively.


Management committee composition


  • Suzie Dufour
    • Researcher, National Optics Institute (INO)


  • André Marette
    • Full Professor, Université Laval
    • Scientific Director, Institute for Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF)
    • Chair Holder, Pfizer-CIHR Research Chair on the Pathogenesis of Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Disease
    • Mentor, CREATE SMAART program
  • Benoit Gosselin
    • Associate Professor, Université Laval
    • Director, Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory, Université Laval
    • Chair Holder, Canada Research Chair in Smart Biomedical Microsystems
    • Mentor, CREATE SMAART program
  • Félix Lévesque-Dérosiers
    • MSc student, Physics, Université Laval
  • Harold Dehez
    • Researcher, Doric Lenses Inc.
  • Lia Rossi Perazza
    • PhD student, Molecular medicine, Université Laval
  • Seyedeh Nazila Hosseini
    • PhD student, Electrical engineering, Université Laval
  • Simon Thibault
    • Full Professor, Université Laval
    • Chair Holder, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Optical Design
    • Mentor, CREATE SMAART program
  • Yasmine Alikacem
    • MSc student, Biophotonics (oceanography), Université Laval

Non-voting members

Daniel C. Côté
    • Full Professor, Université Laval
    • Director of the Biophotonics theme, COPL
    • Steering Committee, Technological Instrument Development Platform, Sentinel North
    • Co-founder, Bliq Photonics
    • CDirector, CREATE SMAART program
  • Julie Lamarche
    • Coordinator, CREATE SMAART program
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